The Settler Merlot 2021


Indulge in Nangkita Estate Vineyards’ The Settler Merlot 2021 from Southern Fleurieu, Australia. With deeply ripe flavours of mulberries, black cherries, and plum, this full-bodied wine offers a lush palate, smooth tannins, and integrated acidity. A delightful balance of fruit richness and elegance. Perfectly paired with Scotch Fillet Steak.

Wine specifications


91 Points – Wine Enthusiasts (March 2023)
90 Points – (January 2023)
94 Points
– Sam Kim, Wine Orbit (November 2022)
92 Points – David Lawrason, WineAlign (April 2022)
90 Points – John Sazbo, WineAlign (April 2022)
3rd Place – Concealed Wines, Europe Blind Tasting (November 2022)
Bronze Medal – London Wine Competition (2023)

About this wine

Embark on a vinous journey with The Settler Merlot 2021, a creation by the esteemed vintners of Nangkita Estate Vineyards. This wine embodies the quintessence of the region’s terroir, masterfully crafted to reflect nature’s bounty and human skill.

Rooted in South Australia’s revered appellation, this Merlot unveils a symphony of flavours nurtured by meticulous viticulture. The vineyard’s elevation above limestone and temperate Mediterranean climate contribute to grapes of unparalleled quality. With a controlled 235mm rainfall and an average temperature of 20°C, the vines yield fruit that encapsulates the essence of the land.

Under the skilled guidance of Nangkita’s winemakers, the Merlot’s transformation is a testament to artistry. Natural yeast fermentation preserves the grapes’ inherent character, while a delicate maceration period and judicious interventions honour the terroir. Aging gracefully, the wine matures partially in French oak barrels, with the remainder finding refinement in stainless steel tanks.

In the glass, the Merlot 2021 enchants with its rich hue, foreshadowing the aromatic journey ahead. Ripe mulberries, black cherries, and Black Doris plum meld seamlessly with notes of olive, spicy oak, and hints of delicate violet. The palate offers a tapestry of indulgence, showcasing succulent fruit richness and a full-bodied, velvety character framed by polished tannins.

The wine’s structural harmony, supported by integrated acidity, culminates in a finish that lingers gracefully. Whether savoured solo or paired with exquisite fare, this Merlot exemplifies winemaking finesse and the harmonious union of nature and dedication. With every sip of the Southern Fleurieu Merlot 2021, one experiences not just a wine, but a narrative woven from the vines of Nangkita Estate Vineyards.


91 Points
2021 Vintage – Bold on the nose with pleasantly ripe aromas of mulberries, black cherries and black plums, this is immediately more-ish. As it sits in the glass, it becomes more and more spicy with freshly cracked black pepper accenting the forest berry fruits. The attack is broad and mouth-coating, with well-rounded tannins and kindly integrated acidity. Full-bodied with a nicely concentrated core, this is clean, charming and sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

– Wine Enthusiasts (March 2023)

90 Points
2021 Vintage – Blackcurrants, black cherries, herbs and charcoal on the nose. Full-bodied with a fleshy, compact core of black fruit and creamy tannins. Nicely balanced. Drink now. Screw cap.

– (January 2023)

94 Points
2021 Vintage – It’s wonderfully ripe and inviting on the nose showing Black Doris plum, blackcurrant, olive and spicy oak characters. The generous palate displays succulent fruit richness with fine texture and polished tannins, finishing long and delectable. At its best: now to 2034.

– Sam Kim, Wine Orbit (November 2022)

92 Points
2021 Vintage – Here’s a very ripe, rich and plush merlot with classic black and blue (not bruised) fruit on the nose and palate. Loads of blackberry, blueberry, plum with violet florality. Oak is not very obvious. This is very smooth, rich and lively – not as heavy as I expected, with fine tannin. The focus and length are excellent/delicious. Value rating: 5/5.

– David Lawrason, WineAlign (April 2022)

90 Points
2021 Vintage – Deeply coloured and very ripe (14.8% alcohol declared), this is polished and quite jammy and fruit liqueur-like on the palate, plush and soft upfront though wooly tannins kick in on the back end. Balance is reasonably intact and length is decent, though I find the cabernet-shiraz-merlot blend from Daniels to have the edge in terms of depth and complexity over the pure merlot, at the same price. Value rating: 3/5.

– John Szabo, Wine Align (April 2022)

3rd Place
2021 Vintage – The 3rd best of the 18 Merlot tenderers with excellent results.

– Concealed Wines, Europe Blind Tasting (November 2022)

Bronze Medal
2021 Vintage – Red fresh fruits, plums, cherry, strawberry, tomato leaves and herbaceous aromas on the nose. Medium acidity, medium tannins, with medium body. The wine has a medium lingering finish.

– 2023 London Wine Competition

Tasting Notes

Colour: Deeply coloured and very ripe, rich, and plush with classic black and blue. Captured is a lushness of varietal fruit but also its verdant tendency.

Nose: Bold with pleasantly ripe aromas of loads of mulberries, black cherries and Black Doris plum, black currant, olive, and spicy oak, violet florality, its wonderfully ripe and inviting, immediately more-ish.

Palate: Polished, quite jammy, and fruit liqeuer-like, generous palate displays succulent fruit richness, full-bodied with a nicely concentrated core.

Tannin: Very smooth, rich and lively, fine, excellent focus, intact balance, decent length, delicious, plush, soft upfront and kick in on the back end. Like an attack broad and mouth-coating, kindly integrated acidity. Fine textured and polished tannin, finishing long and delectable.

Comments: Equally attractive on the nose as it is on the palate. Splendidly flavoursome and highly enjoyable.

Pairing with Food: Scotch Fillet Steak

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