Blue Moon Chardonnay 2021


Indulge in Blue Moon Chardonnay 2021 by Nangkita Estate Vineyards, Southern Fleurieu. Radiating elegance, this wine showcases stone fruit flavours, lemon zest, and delicate oatmeal and cashew aromas. The juicy, finely textured palate culminates in a crisp, lengthy finish. Perfectly accompanied by sawfish steak and leafy salads with leeks.

Wine specifications


88 Points – Sam Kim, Wine Orbit (November 2022)

About this wine

Experience the epitome of elegance with Blue Moon Chardonnay 2021, a Southern Fleurieu gem created by the artisans at Nangkita Estate Vineyards. This wine captures the region’s essence, seamlessly intertwining nature’s gifts with masterful winemaking.

Derived from South Australia’s revered appellation, the Chardonnay 2021 epitomises meticulous viticulture. The vineyard’s elevation above limestone and the temperate Mediterranean climate contribute to grapes of remarkable character. With a controlled 235mm rainfall and average temperatures of 20°C, the vines yield fruit that resonates with the land.

Under the watchful eye of Nangkita’s winemakers, the Chardonnay attains an elegant expression. The process begins with direct pressing, preserving the wine’s inherent purity. Minimal interventions maintain the authenticity of the terroir. Aging gracefully, the wine matures exclusively in stainless steel tanks, free from any wood influence.

In the glass, ‘Blue Moon’ Chardonnay 2021 exudes a graceful radiance, a prelude to the aromatic journey within. White flesh stone fruits of peach and pear dance on the nose, accompanied by notes of lemon zest, oatmeal, and cashew. The palate offers a seamless transition, with stone fruit flavours leading to a juicy yet gently weighted experience, finely textured and harmonious.

The wine’s elegant structure culminates in a crisp, lengthy finish, leaving a lasting impression on the palate. Elegantly compressed and expressed, ‘Blue Moon’ Chardonnay 2021 stands as a tribute to the fusion of finesse and flavour. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with culinary delights such as sawfish steak and leafy salads with leeks, this wine invites you to revel in the elegance of Southern Fleurieu’s vineyards.


88 Points
Elegantly composed and expressed, the wine shows white flesh stone fruit, lemon zest, oatmeal and cashew aromas, leading to a juicy palate that’s gently weighted and finely textured with a lengthy crisp finish. At its best: now to 2025.

– Sam Kim, Wine Orbit (November 2022)


Tasting Notes

Colour: Shows white flesh stone fruits of peach and pear.

Nose: Stone fruit flavours, lemon zest, oatmeal and cashew aromas.

Palate: Aromas leading to a juicy palate, gently weighted and finely textured.

Tannin: Completing with a lengthy crisp finish.

Comments: Elegantly compressed and expressed.

Pairing with Food: Sawfish Steak with leafy salads dressed with a few rings of leaks.

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