Our Vineyard

Nangkita is the Southern Fleurieu's most acclaimed vineyard. With over 40 medals and trophies awarded in recent years, it has a well-deserved international reputation for producing outstanding wine in limited quantities.

A small, elevated site on superb soils nestled amongst the rolling hills and hidden valleys, the Nangkita Vineyard is perfectly situated for growing low yield premium wine grapes. The vast expanse of ocean to the south and west strongly influences the Mediterranean climate, offering natural protection from excessive heat and resulting in an ideal growing season – cool and long.

We are privileged to be the guardians of the Nangkita Vineyard, where we continue the accomplished legacy of handcrafting elegant and flavoursome wines of great distinction.

The Land, the Place and the Water

Nangkita Vineyard is situated in the southern Mt Lofty Ranges and is in the middle of the Fleurieu Peninsula, known as the Southern Fleurieu wine region, approximately 50km from Adelaide. It is also the midpoint between McLaren Vale and Langhorne Creek.

The word ‘Nangkita’ means “place of little frogs”, which embodies a serene haven. It’s a balanced ecosystem, where nature’s elements harmonise to create an ideal environment. Misty mornings echo with the rhythmic croaks of contented frogs, while the starlit nights offer a peaceful respite.

Here, the cool breath of upstream Lake Alexandrina embarks on a gentle descent, caressing the Nangkita Valley. Through semi-wetlands and along natural tree lines, it ascends Willunga Hill. Every inch, from valley floor to undulating banks, exists within a cocoon of steady calmness. A cool, extended embrace unfolds, a unique journey through this viticultural Eden.

In this idyllic haven, vines thrive in a nurturing environment, absorbing essential nutrients from the earth. Grapes bask in dappled sunlight, embodying the essence of this special terrain. Each bottle from Nangkita Vineyard encapsulates a taste of this natural sanctuary, offering a sip of the tranquility and vitality that permeates this cherished space.

The Vineyard is 43.2 ha.

78 ML (megalitres) of Bore Water license with high quality of water because of its low salinity.

The Vines and the Terroir

The vine rows follow the terraced slope. Approximately half of them are planted in an east-west orientation, and half in a north-south orientation.

The vines are trellised in a vertical shoot position (VSP).

Planting density of 2.75 x 1.8 m (approx. 1950 vines/ha).

Average annual rainfall is about 750 mm, and summer irrigation (via Dream II Auto systems) varies according to the depth and transpiration around 50-65 mm rainfall equivalent to 3 hours of irrigation.

Topography and Soil

The Nangkita vineyard predominantly sits on a gentle north-eastern slope, undulating at elevations of approximately 135 – 185 metres, with ground elevation of 171 metres about sea level (MASL).

Soils are deep sandy loam, approximately 1 – 1.5 metres overlaying clay and limestone.



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