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Nangkita Vineyard Estates is a family-owned wine producer, dedicated to passing this special property down to future generations.

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Simon Parker & Chris Dix

In the heart of Nangkita Wines, Simon Parker stands as the orchestrator of brilliance for Vintage 2022. His artistry, deeply rooted in the profound philosophy of winemaking, finds its origins in the revered School of Philosophy crafted by Chris Dix. Chris Dix, a luminary figure and former partner and Winemaker for Nangkita Vineyard from 2002 to 2010, imprints the very essence that Simon now channels into the creation of his masterpieces. Their joint legacy, a marriage of years of expertise and an unwavering commitment to perfection, forms the backbone of Nangkita’s vinicultural journey.

Both Simon and Chris boast not only of their artistic finesse but also hold a solid academic background, having been educated in the intricate science of winemaking. Their ascension to the roles of senior and chief winemakers, respectively, paints a picture of dedication and mastery that reflects in the wines they craft. The accolades garnered over the years stand as silent testaments to the consistent excellence and diverse array of varietals that have flowed from their skilled hands.

Yet, the allure of Nangkita Wines extends beyond the talents of Simon and Chris. The winery is graced with the consulting prowess of seasoned winemakers from the heart of South Australia. This collective wisdom subtly weaves its influence into the very fabric of Nangkita’s identity.

The transformative impact of these winemaking teams gracefully blends the artistry of boutique winemaking with the efficiency demanded by large-scale wine processing. The resulting wines not only bear the mark of commercial viability but also unveil a nuanced complexity that sets them apart in the realm of viniculture.

Diversity is the cornerstone of Nangkita’s winemaking philosophy, epitomised by the multitude of grape varieties nurtured under the watchful eye of our seasoned teams. With a collective history that spans collaboration with over 100 grape-growers across South Australia’s wine regions, our winemakers bring a wealth of knowledge to the vineyard. This breadth of experience ensures that Nangkita Wines transcend the confines of a singular expression, offering a rich tapestry of flavours from the diverse terroirs of the region.

Furthermore, the expertise of our winemaking team extends across a broad spectrum of varietals, perfectly aligning with the extensive repertoire of Nangkita Vineyard. From the robust and bold notes of Shiraz to the classic elegance of Cabernet Sauvignon, the velvety allure of Merlot, and the refined expressions of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, our winemakers curate an ensemble that resonates with the unique essence of each varietal.

In the hands of these dedicated and skilled artisans, Nangkita Wines emerge as a testament to the seamless blend of tradition and innovation. The legacy of Chris Dix converges with the contemporary finesse of Simon Parker to produce wines that embody exceptional character and distinction.

Operations, Marketing & Distribution

Jinlian Sutton

Jinlian Sutton oversees the whole operations of the vineyard, winery, brand development, marketing, distribution and export market operations. Jinlian has medical profession background in the early years of her career. After graduating from University of South Australia with a double degree in Commerce and International Business in early 2000, Jinlian became an expert in financial control, corporate business management and international trade and investment. Her passions for the business over the past 5 years have set up the foundations for the future of the business.


Derek Cameron & Sam Freeman

Derek Cameron and Sam Freeman of DJ Growers have been working on Nangkita Vineyard for more than 10 years. They know the vineyard inside and out. Both Derek and Sam have tertiary education in science and viticulture and Master Degrees in Business Administration. They do hands on work in the field, including irrigation, fertilising, nutrition application, pruning and anything else they can get their hands on. Strategically pruning, monitoring and implementing critical tasks and controlling the dynamic of the vineyard to ensure the growing of quality grapes year after year.



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